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Jed Jaggard

Jed has been involved with re-enactment since 1999​​.

He was always keen to participate in various events and loved to discover the different ways in which history was presented for the public.

This has subsequently allowed him to draw on a range of presentation techniques combining the best to produce a memorable day.

Upon completing his education culminating in a BA Honours Degree in Performing Arts Acting, he founded UP AN' AT 'EM! to fulfil his ambition of providing hands-on history for everyone.

Initially starting out as a one man session, Jed can now draw on several casual staff to produce various sessions and displays.

Although interested in all aspects of history, he has a passion for ​​​​​​​​​​the Cold War period which led him to obtaining a former Royal Observer Corps Post.

This is open to the public on event days and for school sessions. It is the nucleus of a wider ranging project on the Cold War.​​
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